In Singapore, forests have often made way for housing. By 2030, the city-state is set to lose 4,700 hectares of secondary forests, equivalent to over a thousand Padangs, and more than twice the total area of all parks to be built by then. In this episode, we follow Chua Chin Tat, environmental activist, around Dover Park East, a 50-odd-year-old secondary forest that is home to globally critically endangered species, such as the straw-headed bulbul, Pycnonotus zeylanicus, and locally endangered ones, such as a banyan, Ficus virens. We learn about his efforts to stop its destruction—and that of other forests in Singapore.

Video credits

Videographer: Weilee Yap
Motion graphics: Jon Chan
Producers and writers: Charmaine Poh and Sudhir Vadaketh
Additional research: Jean Hew

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