Damien Thow Xin Wei   |  

The author reflects on his journey with Javanese gamelan music, one that connects practitioners and ensembles scattered across the world, and conjures musical seascapes that reflect the diverse communities encountered along the way.

Jom   |  

Honesty. Fearlessness. Independence. Balance. Quality of writing. Care and love of the writers. Depth of research. Humour. Jom’s recently concluded reader survey, our first ever, was gratifying partly because of the responses to the question, “What do you like most about Jom and why?” We’re still new, we’...

Abhishek Mehrotra   |  

Hong Lim Park is at once a space for seeking identity, making speeches, forming memories, affirming equality, and at its core, a simple patch of green for recreational purposes. How has it stood the ravages of time as a place for sketching and imprinting self and nationhood?

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