Dan Koh   |  

A conservative kampung, a racy new lingerie store, a whole host of irresistible characters—our reviewer Dan Koh enters the charming world of “La Luna”, director M Raihan Halim’s contemporary evocation of the Golden Age of Malayan cinema.

Corrie Tan   |  

A critic’s third watch of Wild Rice’s sprawling play “Hotel” prompts questions about how we might sojourn through a national history from a room with a specific view. Since its first staging in 2015, how has “Hotel” played host to Singapore’s societal and political changes?

Sim Jiaying   |  

We go roadtripping with Sim Jiaying as she guides us through a meticulous reading of director Anthony Chen’s paean to disaffected Chinese youth, “The Breaking Ice”. The film becomes a point of embarkation for a broader discussion of the road movie genre—as reimagined by Singaporean filmmakers.

Jonathan Chan   |  

From her debut in Singapore’s indie and electronic scenes to her feature in the National Day Parade song “The Road Ahead”, Linying has distinguished herself with her ethereal vocals, musical versatility, and profound lyricism.

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