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Jom   |  

Dear reader, “First she wore the tudung, then she no longer wanted to mix with us.” I have long heard some version of this argument—the slippery slope of conservatism and isolation—applied to Muslim women in Singapore. Proponents, fed by official narratives, imagine a world in which we can...

Fiachra Ross   |  

The tudung issue is a microcosm of a much larger problem in society—our refusal to recognise the full differences that make up the reality of our lives in Singapore.

Jom   |  

Tharman Shanmugaratnam on moving multiculturalism beyond public and common spaces, green initiatives at the Grand Prix, producing alt-meat using magnetic pulses, and much more.

Jom   |  

Dear reader, Today, we’ve published a powerful, moving account of one Singaporean’s 30-year mental health journey. It takes us from the emotional fragility and fluctuations of teenage boarding school in 1980s’ England, to mid-40s’ introspection sparked by Covid isolation in a Singapore flat. It's a piece that must...

Jom   |  

The rich and their good class bungalows, ISD and the thought police, workplace discrimination, Singapore Writers Festival, TikTok's future, and more

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