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Jom   |  

Dear reader, See some of you tonight at Jom’s launch party! You may know that the party venue, the distinctive blue bungalow on 42 Waterloo Street, was probably built in the late 1800s, a time when the area was “the foremost Eurasian enclave” in Singapore, according to Singapore Eurasians:...

Abhishek Mehrotra   |  

Hong Lim Park, at once a space for identity-seeking, speech-making, memory-forming, equality-affirming, and at its core, a simple patch of green for recreational purposes. How has it stood the ravages of time as a place for sketching and imprinting self and nationhood?

Tak Meng Yuan   |  

Our writer revisits his TV-watching younger self, a boy whose cultural identity was shaped to a large extent by his insatiable appetite for local dramas.

Jom   |  

Tan Boon Lee and the spectre of LKY, relying on foreign lawyers, increased quiet time, Ethos festival sale, Yeoh Lam Keong moving up the POFMA charts, and more.

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