Faris Joraimi   |  

As former British colonies, Malaya and Palestine were connected by the same global structures of domination, which survive to the present day. In this essay, Jom's history editor recovers the intricate threads that continue to involve Singapore in Palestine’s ongoing occupation and resistance.

Jom   |  

As the accusations of genocide against Israel grow, we examine the history and power of the word, the evidence in Gaza today, and the connections between ordinary Singaporeans and Israel’s actions.

Chan Li Shan   |  

Proposed amendments to laws will give the police greater powers to arrest those who are “mentally disordered”. One mental health researcher and advocate warns about the risks of these well-meaning changes.

Dan Koh   |  

A conservative kampung, a racy new lingerie store, a whole host of irresistible characters—our reviewer Dan Koh enters the charming world of “La Luna”, director M Raihan Halim’s contemporary evocation of the Golden Age of Malayan cinema.

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