Sudhir Vadaketh

Sudhir Vadaketh

Co-founder | Editor-in-Chief Website

Sudhir’s work is focused on amplifying the voices of people marginalised by dominant power structures. His areas of concern are inequality, corporate and political hegemonies, and social hierarchies.

Sudhir Vadaketh   |  

For almost a decade, Alan Soon and Rishad Patel of Singaporean firm Splice Media have been talking about the ongoing transformation in the media, and advising start-ups across the region. What have they achieved thus far?

Sudhir Vadaketh   |  

Ahead of the polls on September 1st, some Singaporeans have vowed to spoil their votes, in protest at what they believe has become a farcical race for head of state. But for the many undecided voters, an analysis of the candidates might help to clarify some doubts before they head to the ballot box.

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