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Faris Joraimi   |  

As former British colonies, Malaya and Palestine were connected by the same global structures of domination, which survive to the present day. In this essay, Jom's history editor recovers the intricate threads that continue to involve Singapore in Palestine’s ongoing occupation and resistance.

Jom   |  

Israel at the Singapore Airshow, PAP’s control of the PA, incoming career bureaucrat to head SPH Media, potential new law to help curb food waste, works in progress at Singapore International Festival of Arts, Singapore brand Allies of Skin adds glow to lucrative US skincare market, and more.

Jom   |  

Dear reader, Before we discuss this week’s content, I just want to say that we’ve heard you. We know that you want more events, especially in-person ones. Our last Jom Cakap, featuring three of Asia’s best journalists, drew almost 200 people. We felt the love. Our next...

Jom   |  

As the accusations of genocide against Israel grow, we examine the history and power of the word, the evidence in Gaza today, and the connections between ordinary Singaporeans and Israel’s actions.

Jom   |  

Education Ministry refuses to share controversial Israel-Gaza slides, police given more powers to apprehend people with mental disorders, opposition MPs drill down on job numbers, the new Changi Heritage Trail, fresh perspectives on familiar artworks at new National Gallery exhibitions, and more.

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